How does this charity receive this money?
Gift Me Charity is an online donation platform which connects a gift giver to a gift receivers chosen charity. Gift Me Charity does not ever see or handle the money that is donated to your chosen charity. All transactions are processed through PayPal to ensure the complete integrity and security of all donations.

PayPal will process two separate payments as part of each transaction, one transaction for the amount donated to your chosen charity and another for the Gift Me Charity administration fee ($2.95).

Once a donation is processed PayPal holds the money in escrow in a secure account and contacts your chosen charity to enable it to claim your donated funds. Provided the charity is verified it will receive the money into its account immediately.

If your chosen charity is yet to be verified PayPal will as part of its usual commercial process send further emails to notify it of your donation and the steps required for the charity to obtain funds. If your chosen charity does not complete these steps within 30 days, then in accordance with PayPal's usual commercial practice 100% of the donation amount will be refunded to your credit card. In this (unlikely) circumstance, please note that the Gift Me Charity administration fee of $2.95 will not be refunded.

This payment system is much like the registered mail service. You send a cheque in the mail and it is delivered. You then wait for the receiver to claim and sign paperwork. If the mail is not collected in a set period, it is returned to sender.