Charity verification explained.
In order to ensure the integrity and complete security of all donations through Gift Me Charity, all donations are processed by PayPal. In the first instance, notification of the payment is sent from PayPal directly to the chosen charity's registered email address.

In order for PayPal to be able to send this notification to the charity, we require a valid email address.

Verified: This means that a charity has confirmed that the email address which we have on file is correct and that donations sent to that address will be claimed.

Not Verified: This means the charity is yet to confirm that the email address which we have on file is accurate. When a donation is made, PayPal will send notification of the payment to the charity's registered email address for a period of 30 days. If the funds are not claimed within this time period, 100% of the donation amount will be refunded to the credit card from which the payment was made.

Please note: For not verified charities we have carefully entered each charity's email address into our system to ensure accuracy of the payment address.

For further information on PayPal and how they will send your donation click here.